Review: Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Aerial view of the Four Seasons Resort Anguilla

On the pristine shores of the lesser-known Caribbean gem, Anguilla, lies a treasure that defines luxury. Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla promises an unparalleled experience, nestled within an island of merely 13,000 souls.
As the soft white sands kiss the crystalline waters, and tranquility envelops every breeze, this luxury sanctuary beckons the discerning traveler. Prepare to be captivated, for both the island and the resort are about to cast their spell on you.

During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of residing at the Four Seasons Anguilla for a few days, immersing myself in the grandeur it promised. From the moment I set foot on the property, it was evident that this wasn’t merely a stay – it was an experience.

Meads Bay Majesty: The Four Seasons Anguilla Experience

Perched on the shimmering shores of Meads Bay, the Four Seasons Anguilla is the epitome of Caribbean luxury. This breathtaking haven, though home to 181 rooms and villas, spans an expansive territory, thereby ensuring guests an oasis of tranquility. Here, the spaciousness is designed such that one always finds a secluded nook, a private paradise within the larger one.

Guests are privileged with access to two distinct sections of the beach, each offering an intimate communion with nature. Meads Bay, where the Four Seasons Anguilla resides, showcases some of the Caribbean’s most amazing seascape vistas. The sea is a canvas painted with hues of blue, inhabited by vivid fish that play beneath the surface and serve as a delightful spectacle for the birds above. The powdery white sand, akin to sugar, coupled with the pristine waters, defines paradise.

Beach view from the infinity pool

The beaches of Anguilla are unparalleled, having bestowed upon me the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever witnessed and an underwater realm that remains vibrantly intact. Moreover, the absence of algae, a common issue of caribbean beaches, underscores the purity of these shores. Although Anguilla isn’t a tourist hotspot, its quiet charm is its main attraction, offering peaceful beach relaxation.

Caribbean Comfort: A Journey through Four Seasons Anguilla’s Suites and Villas

From the very moment I set foot in the Four Seasons Anguilla, it became clear that the accommodations are much more than mere spaces – they are sensory experiences. Each corner of the resort bears the hallmark of impeccable design paired with an intimate understanding of luxury, and it’s all best embodied in their collection of rooms and suites.

During our stay, we had the pleasure of residing in the Ocean View Studio, a splendid 64-square-meter space. At a rate of $1300 per night, this studio crafted an atmosphere of elevated elegance. Its centerpiece was undoubtedly the balcony. Offering more than just panoramic views of the sea, it featured a personal pool, ensuring that the charm of Anguilla’s waters was never more than a few steps away.

The Balcony with a private pool

Across its expanse, the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla houses 181 rooms, suites, and villas. Each promises its own unique embrace of the island’s allure, be it through balconies or terraces, offering immersive views of either the tranquil gardens or the rhythmic dance of the ocean waves. 80 % of these accommodations ensure an unobstructed view of the sea, making the far-away horizon an integral part of the resort’s ambiance.

For instance, there’s the One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite, encompassing 118 square meters of refined taste. Intimate and inviting, its balcony stands as a testament to the beauty of the ocean, while its private pool beckons one to indulge.

The Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room, spanning 81 square meters, has been crafted with couples in mind. Romantic sea views combined with exclusive amenities like a private sundeck and a plunge pool make it a lover’s paradise.

A step up in luxury is the Three-Bedroom Oceanview Penthouse. Sprawling across 562 square meters, it captures the essence of the Caribbean with its 180-degree ocean vistas. The presence of a large private pool and the added luxury of a personal lifestyle assistant ensures that every whim is catered to.

For larger parties, the Four-Bedroom Ocean-View Villa, stretching across 534 square meters, emerges as the Caribbean dream. Apart from lavish amenities, a dedicated pool, and a lifestyle assistant, it offers an atmosphere of home, albeit one draped in luxury.

The Five-Bedroom Beachfront Villa is an epitome of grandeur spread over 818 square meters. Designed to accommodate larger groups, it grants direct access to Barnes Bay and boasts features such as a gourmet kitchen and a sun deck complete with a private plunge pool. The earth-toned decor here, like much of the resort, celebrates serenity and understated elegance.

Beyond these, the resort offers a plethora of other room types, each designed and tailored to cater to varied desires, ensuring that the Four Seasons Anguilla remains an oasis for all its guests, regardless of their preferences.

Dining Delights: Gastronomic Gems at Four Seasons Anguilla

When you choose a destination like the Four Seasons Anguilla, you don’t just expect opulence in accommodation but also in gastronomic experiences. Beginning with breakfast, which was included in our room rate, the culinary journey was both expansive and exquisite.

Breakfast with a breathtaking view

From an abundant buffet to an extensive à la carte menu, the breakfast spread was nothing short of spectacular. If you’re considering the Four Seasons experience, I’d strongly advocate for the breakfast-included package; the exclusivity of Anguilla and the heightened allure of the Four Seasons mean that even a breakfast for two can set you back by about $150.


As evening drapes its golden light over the resort, the hotel’s bar becomes the heart of relaxation. With an unmatched view of the sea, it’s the ideal spot to sip a cocktail while the sun sets.

Bar with great views of the ocean

There are three on-site restaurants, each promising a delectable encounter. Though the prices are on the steeper side, with sushi and ice cream setting you back notably, the quality and ambiance justify the cost. The BBQ evening, an affair to remember, featured fresh seafood and meats, concluded with a dramatic fire show and waterside fireworks.

BBB event
Waterside fireworks

Venturing beyond the main dining areas, one can find gems like SALT, which offers a panorama of both Barnes Bay and Meads Bay. For those who prefer the relaxed ambiance of the beach, the Half Shell Beach Bar and Bamboo Bar and Grill provide casual yet scrumptious options.

Lunch on the beach

For aficionados of the finer things in life, the Sunset Lounge serves vintage rums, Cuban cigars, and a selection of sushi while serenading guests with live music. And for days when you wish to dine in the privacy of your suite, their in-room dining offers a variety of Caribbean delights, showcasing Anguilla’s title as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Jamaican Jerk-Rubbed Chicken Breast, Mahimahi Filet with Creole Sauce, and more await your taste buds.

The Four Seasons Anguilla truly makes dining an unparalleled adventure, blending Caribbean authenticity with world-class luxury.

Island Indulgences: Four Seasons Anguilla’s Spa and Pool Sanctuary

When we consider the epitome of luxury, it is not just about the aesthetics but also the service quality and experiences. The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla orchestrates this harmony brilliantly, especially with its spa and pool offerings.

One of the three heated outdoor pools

Within the confines of the hotel, guests can find three heated outdoor pools, each catering to diverse moods. The adults-only Sunset Pool promises tranquility, while the Aleta Pool beckons you with its shaded cabanas. Families can delight in the Bamboo Pool, which grants breathtaking views of Meads Bay.

Every poolside or beach spot is thoughtfully equipped with amenities, from refreshing drinks to protective sunscreen. The attentive yet subtle service ensures you’re left wanting for nothing, but also grants the prized solitude many seek.

Stepping into the Four Seasons’ spa is akin to entering a sanctuary of holistic rejuvenation. The “Four Seasons” treatment encapsulates the essence of every season, offering a tailored aroma massage experience, ensuring everything from enhanced sleep to revitalized energy levels.

One of the standout therapies, the Rose Radiance Body Treatment by 111SKIN CLINIC, uses Rose Quartz Crystals to reinvigorate both the body and spirit. As the name suggests, it bestows a radiant glow, both internally and externally.

However, the spa doesn’t stop at massages. Their wide spectrum of services encompasses skincare, body treatments, couple packages, and even unique therapeutic journeys designed for unparalleled well-being.

Entrance to the spa

Whether seeking physical agility through exercise or nurturing inner strength through mindfulness, the Four Seasons Anguilla’s wellness approach is comprehensive. And for those looking to add the finishing touches to their relaxation escapade, the manicures, pedicures, hair care, and bridal services ensure every need is seamlessly addressed.

Peak Performance: The Fitness Realm of Four Seasons Anguilla

Gym with several cardio machines such as treadmills

Nestled within the luxurious embrace of Four Seasons Anguilla is a fitness haven that effortlessly marries opulence with functionality. Spanning three spacious rooms, the gym exudes an aura of sophistication and is among the finest I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Guests are treated to thoughtful amenities like refreshing beverages and plush towels in every corner.


But the athletic allure doesn’t end indoors. The resort boasts pristine tennis courts, an engaging basketball court, and an inviting climbing wall. Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or a budding climber, you’ll appreciate the complimentary equipment lending, ensuring an effortless fitness journey. Beyond the solo endeavors, the Sports Pavilion ushers in camaraderie with its basketball tournaments and tennis lessons.

Price Tags & Paperwork: The Few Flaws of Four Seasons Anguilla

For all its grandeur and elegance, Four Seasons Anguilla has its own set of quirks that one might find a tad inconvenient.

Anguilla, in its sun-drenched glory, carries a hefty price tag, a sentiment palpably felt when dining at the hotel, where breakfast could lighten your wallet by a good $150. This opulence extends to the island’s essentials, as a mere bottle of water from a supermarket might set you back by $3. Short taxi rides don’t offer respite either, often costing upwards of $30, making car rentals a more economical choice at $50 per day.

However, the most peculiar aspect is the hotel’s billing practice. Despite breakfast being included in our room rate, post every meal, a bill detailing every order is presented, often amounting to a bewildering 200€. This culminates in a rather convoluted check-out experience, where the myriad of charges, now reduced to zero, still confuse many guests.

Embracing Anguilla: A Panorama of Possibilities

Four Seasons Anguilla takes luxury and adventure to a different level. The pristine shores of Meads Bay and Barnes Bay serve as the backdrop to an array of amenities that effortlessly meld leisure and excitement.

Beach @Four Seasons Resort

Fancy a romantic escapade? I experienced the magic firsthand when the hotel organized a sublime beach picnic at the nearby Shoal Bay, a sight so beautiful that it became the perfect setting for my proposal.

Beach @Shoal Bay
Romantic beach picnic organized by the hotel

Dive into the aquatic offerings with complimentary surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, and snorkelling gear to explore the underwater beauty.

But the allure doesn’t end with daytime activities. Evenings at Four Seasons Anguilla are ablaze with vibrant entertainment. The lively rhythms of local bands grace the bar, enveloping guests in authentic Caribbean melodies.

If exclusivity is what you seek, their “Exclusively Yours” package offers an unparalleled experience. For select dates, the resort opens its doors solely for you and your guests. Every corner of the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla, from the 170 accommodations to the three lavish pools, becomes a private haven.

For momentous occasions, the Four Seasons Anguilla doesn’t falter. From intimate seaside dinners to grand beach barbecues under the dusk sky, their events deliver an ambiance both enchanting and memorable. If gastronomy is your passion, the Anguillian delicacies like the Tamarind-Glazed Pork Ribs are bound to captivate your palate.

High quality seafood for dinner

For those who seek active engagements, the resort offers diverse on-site activities. Yoga, rock-climbing, tennis lessons with pros, or soothing spa sessions, there’s something for everyone.

For the ones with an adventurous streak, the off-site excursions lead you through Anguilla’s hidden gems. Explore the serene Fountain Cavern or take a guided cruise around neighboring islands, the opportunities are boundless.

And if you wish to leave a positive imprint, the resort encourages guests to partake in community-focused activities, enhancing your stay with purpose.

Island Arrival: Seamlessly Settling into Four Seasons Anguilla

The journey to Four Seasons Anguilla promises an experience that is as exceptional as the destination itself. Upon my own arrival, the genuine warmth of the Anguillan spirit enveloped me. My entry into the island was notably relaxed and friendly, an antidote to the usual strains of international travel.

Arrival in Anguilla

While there are myriad avenues leading to Anguilla, most travellers, like myself, prefer to touch down at Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on the neighboring island of Sint Maarten. The following 25-minute sea shuttle offers not just transportation but a transition, taking you from the hustle of your journey to the serenity of island life.

Those desiring quicker means can opt for a brisk 7-minute flight to Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA). Seasoned travellers might even jet directly from Miami or select an aerial route from Puerto Rico, Antigua, or St. Kitts.

Once on Anguillan soil, a wide variety of transportation options are available. While taxis are readily waiting at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, the hotel’s concierge team is ever-ready to orchestrate more bespoke arrangements. It’s worth noting that if you’re on a late or early schedule to or from St Maarten, organizing a private boat charter is advisable, albeit with government approval.

Upon arriving at Four Seasons Anguilla, I was warmly greeted with a tasty welcome drink – an immediate introduction to the resort’s commitment to hospitality. A courteous staff member then led me to my room, ensuring my initial moments were as seamless as they were memorable.

Welcome drink

For those unfamiliar with the local customs, tipping is appreciated for the small gestures, like the porters who carefully handle your luggage. However, boat captains and customs officials remain exceptions.

Anguilla’s Ebb and Flow: A Seasonal Guide

Between May and September, the temperatures at Four Seasons Anguilla often surpass 30°C, accompanied by a noticeable humidity. However, it’s an ideal period for diving enthusiasts as the ocean remains tranquil, unveiling its hidden wonders. September and October, while being the rainiest months, still have their unique charm.

For those seeking a mild and dry climate, the golden window extends from mid-December to late April. Not only is the weather divine, but nocturnal temperatures offer a gentle embrace for stargazing on your balcony.

Year-round, the waters maintain a balmy 25°C, perfect for a dip anytime. If fishing or diving tops your itinerary, opt for the moist summer months when fish schools dominate the surrounding waters. Traveling during the hurricane season, from June to November, necessitates an eye on weather forecasts.

Final Reflections: Sunsets and Serenity

As our time at Four Seasons Anguilla came to its inevitable end, every sun-kissed moment was etched into memory. The hotel itself stands as a beacon of unparalleled luxury, seamlessly weaving itself into the natural tapestry of this serene island. Our days, painted with hues of turquoise waters and the rhythm of the waves, were crowned by phenomenal sunsets – a spectacle that one simply must experience.

Stunning sunsets at the beach

Anguilla’s pristine beaches, untouched by the commercial trappings of mass tourism, serve as a testament to the island’s commitment to preserving its authentic charm. Coupled with the genuine warmth of its people and a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the palate, it becomes evident why Four Seasons Anguilla is the epitome of relaxation. In this slice of Caribbean paradise, we found tranquility and, without a doubt, will be coming back. However, you should keep in mind that the hotel and Anguilla in general are on the pricier side.

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