Game Changer: My Experience in Emirates’ 777-300ER First Class

The Game Changer suite

The world of luxury air travel is currently being redefined with Emirates’ new First Class Suite on the Boeing 777-300ER. However, experiencing this top-tier service is nothing ordinary. It’s for those lucky enough to find the right moment and means to enjoy such luxury. Its exclusivity is undeniable; only nine Boeing 777-300ERs sport this “Game Changer” class. Hence, to secure a seat, one needs more than a plush wallet – luck and good timing play a significant role too.

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The World’s shortest international flight: Anguilla (AXA) to Sint Maarten (SXM)

Stunning views of turquoise water from the plane

We took the world’s shortest scheduled flight between two different countries. In fact, even a third country is flown over on the trip. It goes from the UK over France to the Netherlands in just eight minutes! In the process, you cross a turquoise, calm sea and enjoy the sun. We’re talking about the flight between the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and Sint Maarten. We booked this special ride and now tell you all about it.

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