About me

Hi, I’m David, 30 years old, born in Germany – and I love to travel. So far, I’ve been to more than 50 countries around the globe and I hope to add a few more. After all, this planet has far too many beautiful places to always stay in just one.

On my first holiday with my parents, I discovered my passion for flying and travelling at eight. Even then, I dreamed of travelling and discovering foreign countries and cultures. In the meantime, I have fulfilled this dream. Fortunately, my job doesn’t get in the way. I started my own IT company while I was doing my A-levels and studying. A notebook and an internet connection are all I need to work – the best prerequisites for a life as a globetrotter.

Over time, my penchant for travelling has turned into a passion for luxury travel. I have great fun finding the best hotels at the destination and testing them extensively. You can find detailed reports on my website. I enjoy flying around the world with different airlines and know most business and first-class cabins like the back of my hand. You can also read the flight reports on my website.

My best flight experience was on board a Boeing 777 of the airline Emirates in First Class on the journey from Dubai to Frankfurt. My favourite hotel is the Forestis Dolomites in Bressanone (Bressanone) in northern Italy. I clearly answer the question about my favourite country with “Thailand.” The Southeast Asian kingdom offers the best mix of breathtaking nature, friendly people, dreamlike hotels, paradisiacal beaches, partying, delicious food and vibrant cities.

I finance my travels 100 percent myself. On my blog, you can expect exclusively honest and authentic travel reports without monetary influence from large hotel chains, airlines or other corporations.